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Some of my favorite internet sites.

l Catzilla  The King of Felines.
l Morris  Finicky makes a comeback.
l Pepe LePew  Ooh la la, what a hunk!
l Garfield   Gotta love a rebel.


l  Tips and tricks for "watching" birds.
l   More tips and tricks.
l Rat and Mouse Club of America  The Specieists still won't let me in!


Internet Resources
l CatStuff - Cat Graphics and More  You get the picture.
l The Amazing Cat Picture Page   Hundreds of friendly cats.
l Catworld Magazine  The latest news from the world of felines.
l Cat Breed Descriptions  Although breeding isn't everything.


Sites I Had to Include (They did let me use the computer.)
l Dave & Dona's Home Page  Catch their latest adventures.
l Dave's Vette Page  Dave's archive of Corvette pictures.


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