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Hi, my name is Alexi Froning.

Welcome to my home page!

My Story
I became a Froning on May 14, 1998.  I had been living on my own for quite a while.  It was a dark period of my life; a time I'd rather forget.  One bright day, I was exploring a field when I saw a nice couple across the street holding hands.  I thought they looked like the type that would have milk.  So I asked, "Got Milk?  Got Milk?"  Although it probably sounded like "Meow?  Meow?" to them.  We introduced ourselves and hit it off immediately.  Dave & Dona asked me to move in with them, and I agreed.

Unexpected joy entered into all of our lives on July 6, 1998 when I gave birth to two beautiful babies, Zeke and Zsa Zsa.  They keep me pretty busy, but I still find time to enjoy my hobbies: gymnastics, prowling, and birdwatching.

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